Hybrid Cleaning

  • In 2013 we launched a pioneering system/process called Hybrid Cleaning predominately using a full time workforce to operate flexibly with any business to develop ways of improving quality and service in a sustainable way.
  • Hybrid Cleaning is an innovative cleaning process that is built around customer needs. Substantially, uses full time shifts with highly motivated, well paid, skillful operatives, that have a strong team ethic focusing on customer care and service, working flexibly and intelligently.
  • Principle Cleaning has successfully introduced Hybrid Cleaning to thirteen major customers including a major investment bank, education, media companies and a number of major insurance institutions.

Principle – ‘A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour’

We are a CarbonNeutral Company


  • This has given us the platform to measure our carbon emissions and set targets and strategies by which the carbon footprint can be decreased. All residual emissions are then offset through the carbon offsetting programmes resulting in the Company’s carbon emissions being net zero.
  • We set ourselves a target to reduce our carbon emissions by 5% year on year for the first 5 years of our Carbon Neutral status.
  • We emphatically achieved this target by reducing our carbon footprint by 28% within our first 2 years.



  • We work collaboratively with our equipment suppliers to identify the best solutions for our clients in terms of the specific needs of each building. We consider all aspects from fixtures and fittings to building usage to guarantee an effective operation within the framework of the most environmentally friendly solution
  • We use energy efficient, high productivity equipment
  • Lithium battery powered cleaning technology
  • Non-intrusive specialist cleaning equipment used during business hours



  • EU Eco-Label certified consumables
  • Sustainable, virtually chemical free cleaning
  • All our people are trained to improve efficiency

Leaders in Technology


• Live, online quality auditing and fault reporting
• Bespoke reports via a customer portal
• Detailed and trusted management information
• State of the art performance monitoring through Smart Phones

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